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Our goal at P.E. Unltd is to provide both students and teachers with an informative resource for sports-specific skills and activities. We believe in visual learning which is why we wanted to create a site that was home to a library of teaching videos to be used by students and teachers alike.

Our sports videos are divided into categories: “Skills” and “Activities”. In the Skills section, you’ll find a basic introduction on the skills needed to succeed in a particular sport. In the Activities section, you’ll find lead-up games and group activities that can be used to sharpen your skills. At P.E. Unltd, we highly recommend that teachers use skill-building activities before they have their students engage in traditional sports. We hope that our video demonstrations serve as a valuable resource to you.

In addition to our video library, P.E. Unltd is home to our student assignment blog. This blog will be used throughout the year by our Sierra Middle School students to reflect on their physical education lessons.

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